Changelog v1.2:

  1. Performance Improvements: • Resolved major issues, resulting in smoother overall operation • Recommended browser tab refresh when selecting a new song
  2. User Interface Updates: • Moved "Animation Effects" step into the Flipbook section of "Animation Mode" • Added "Video Cost" button in the top navbar for easy access to cost calculations
  3. Video Generation Enhancements: • Implemented automatic video title generation based on topic, style, song, and stories • Added more comprehensive checks during video creation for improved reliability
  4. Bug Fixes: • Various bug fixes to enhance overall user experience
  5. Cost Transparency: • Updated video cost calculations, accessible via the top navbar

Changelog v1.1:

1. Infrastructure & Performance:
   • Completely revamped backend with more stable workers
   • Significant reduction in video generation errors
   • Faster rendering times across the board
   • Queue position is shown

2. User Interface Enhancements:
   • Redesigned sidebar for improved navigation
   • Added thumbnails to the "My Clips" page for easier browsing

3. Creative Tools:
   • Introduced starting images feature for single or multiple scenes
   • Added style image support for Kandinsky models
   • Integrated GPT-4o model for the "Auto Fill" feature in story generation (PRODUCERS only)

4. AI Models:
   • Laid groundwork for forthcoming temporally-aware smoothing model

5. Bug Fixes:
   • Resolved numerous issues related to video generation
   • Fixed various minor UI and functionality bugs

Note: This update requires a clean slate for our video and audio storage. All content generated before June 21, 2024, has been removed. We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to preventing such data loss in the future.

We're continuously working to improve Plazmapunk based on your feedback. Please report any bugs or suggestions on our Discord server or through the in-app feedback system.


Plazmapunk v1.0 is out!

For a tutorial check out:


  • Full story editing: edit your own story by specifying precisely at what second your prompts should be visualized!
  • Movement effects: the Flipbook mode now allows a customization of the movement effects! Your video can react to different pitches, or even to instruments such as guitar or piano!
  • Custom resolutions, different models to choose from, customizable keypoint FPS and more!